40 Minute Fat Blasting Total Body Strength Training and Toning Workout with FitnessBlender.com

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25 thoughts on “40 Minute Fat Blasting Total Body Strength Training and Toning Workout with FitnessBlender.com

  1. I love this workout!! I felt my muscles really working and toning and I was
    sweating a lot. I literally wanted to stay in “pigeon” stretch. Great
    workout. I’ll definitely include it in my workout routine!

  2. Did 3 days of Random workouts from this site. After the third day.
    EVERYTHING HURT. Even a sneeze. LOL. Took two days break and felt better.
    Started the 5 day challenge today. I feel GREAT! Love these videos. The
    directions are clear. Love the tone of the speaker and the way he gives the
    directions. He motivates me to not quit. BRING ON THE OTHER FOUR DAYS. Now
    if i can only stay away from the sweets i love so much __.

  3. This is my second week doing these videos and I love them. I am doing these
    along with the Adkins diet. I lost 6.7 lbs. last week and I will weigh
    myself again on Sunday. I love being able to focus on the moves and not
    being distracted by music. The instructions are very clear and the moves
    are not complicated. I am getting married in June and would like to lose 30
    lbs. I am looking forward to the next few months with FitnessBlender. Thank
    you for these awesome videos!

  4. Oooo, those first two groups were pretty tough — you guys snuck in some
    cardio with those clean & presses! I was sweating like crazy after that.
    The last few groups seemed more static so they were almost like recovery.
    This was a great routine!

  5. This is a great routine. Love how you have made weight training more fun in
    this one. :)

  6. Ok, that was another good workout. Not as challenging as some of the
    others, and Kelli went a bit fast with the changes from one move to the
    next…I had to be scrambling a bit to change weights. All in all tho, a
    good sweat was worked up.

  7. completed 7/24/14 was very challenging used 20lbs dumbbells throughout
    adjusted to 5lbs with the step up w dumbbells my heartrate monitor said i
    burned 397 calories…i’ll take it

  8. Can’t say enough good things about this workout – Fitness Blender has made
    these wonderful videos available to the public, without having an ulterior
    motive to sell DVD’s (boring) or having stupid infomercials along the same
    lines as Tony Horton or Jillian Michaels screaming at you to workout with
    them. Thanks for not having any annoying music either!

  9. I do not have a step but I really enjoyed this work out, the constant
    variation kept me interested and I was surprised it was over, which I guess
    is a good thing.

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