5 Important Steps to a Healthier Life

5 Important Steps to a Healthier Life

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Guest post by Sara Bailey of thewidow.net

5 Important Steps to a Healthier Life

Leading a healthy lifestyle is one the best investments you can make in your own life. Although it’s not always easy to find the time for regular exercise and preparing the right foods, the rewards for doing so are numerous and can help you to avoid health problems later in life. Here are some tips from the Personal Fitness Trainer Directory to get you on the right path.

Steer Clear of Stress

Stress is detrimental to health and it can influence food choices and increase body fat, making you more likely to fall prey to a host of illnesses. There are many ways to manage your stress levels and taking part in activities that you find enjoyable is a good way to combat stress. Take time out for simple practices that have mood-enhancing benefits such as taking a walk in a natural setting, spending quality time with your pets, doing gardening outdoors in the sunlight, and practicing meditation.


Exercise is one of the most beneficial practices you can engage in to improve your overall health. It’s good for the heart and improves the strength of muscles and bones. Cardio exercise is also very effective at reducing fat around the waist, which is very beneficial to health as this fat surrounds the body’s organs. Moderate exercise such as brisk walking should be done for approximately 2 and a half hours per week, while vigorous exercise such as running can be practiced for 1 and a half hours per week.

Sleep Well

Getting the correct amount of quality sleep every night has a dramatic effect on the immune system. Seven to eight hours of sleep every night helps to keep it strong and functioning properly. Not getting the right amount of quality sleep is also one of the most significant risk factors for gaining weight and becoming obese. Those that do not have the benefit of sufficient sleep often make poor food choices and choose foods that are high in sugar and fat and that have a high calorie content.

Soak Up the Sun

Our bodies depend on vitamin D to keep healthy and one of its best sources is sunlight. Try to expose yourself to the sun for 20 minutes every day and in the late afternoon if possible. If your geographical location largely deprives you of the sun’s rays, you can always take vitamin D tablets, as well as stock your larder with food sources that are high in vitamin D.

Avoid Work-Related Stress

Working long hours in a job that you no longer find fulfilling can be a significant source of stress. Planning a second career in a field that you have always wanted to be in can prove to be a rewarding challenge that also eases the strain of stress from being in the wrong career. Fortunately, online degree programs are very accessible and make it possible to work towards your new career while still being employed at your current job. Be sure to find an accredited degree program that has a competitive fee structure.

Improving your general health doesn’t have to be an enormous undertaking. Following just a few simple steps and changing some habits is all that is required to achieve great improvements in health and general well-being. We hope you found these  5 Important Steps to a Healthier Life useful in your daily life.

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