5 Principles of Strength Training

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24 thoughts on “5 Principles of Strength Training

  1. This information might be very wrong but I was taught to do a ton of reps
    with light weights (like 3-5 lb weights) will help you to gain longer,
    leaner muscles rather than a bunch of volume and huge muscles … 

  2. Thank you! Getting ready for my senior year football season I’m gonna start
    doing 5 sets of 3 at 205 and 5 sets of 5 at 185 for my new bench routine 

  3. I do 3 sets of 5 reps with 30 sec rest a little fadt tempo is it goos for
    increasing strength since I dun like to rest between sets

  4. Hey how do this exercise routine sound?

    Two training days.

    squat -3×5
    Bench press-3×5

    Squat 3×8
    Bench press 3×8
    Deadlift 3×8

  5. It is same for all muscle groups right? Legs, chest, back, shoulders etc.
    low-rep-high-set to gain strength?

  6. For all around athleticism Higher reps with 3-5 sets and moderate weight is
    king IMO . Its the perfect balance to build strength and stamina

  7. Elliot whats up? I was wondering if you could answer a specific question
    about a problem im having. Ive been getting some decent gains in some
    areas but it seems that ive been stuck at a low weight on bench press for a
    long time. Ive tried everything but I just cant get any stronger on bench
    particularly. Been working out for two years and my chest has not gotten
    any stronger. Can you make a video for this?

  8. I’m a beginner and I’m not pressing hundreds of pounds (I have 2 db’s of 40
    pounds total) and I don’t feel like once or twice a week is enough… how
    can that be enough??? I’d do 5-6 days a week minimal. Is that smart or not?
    Still not sure what to train for: strength, power or size. Anyone, some
    benefits of one? I’m doing handball now and have pe at school but going to
    quit sports next year and school in two years.

  9. if I wanted pure overall body strength and power, fastest running
    speed…will the three main power lifting exercises guarantee that?
    ..knowing that I don’t care about the look and I’am training with full
    power on each rep for minimum rep no. 

  10. Are pushups, pullups, planks and such bodyweight exercises strength
    training? So only 5 pushups per set?

  11. That was a good thing to add in the end about neurological adaptation being
    very important, Ill repeat what I said on your reps&sets video – In terms
    of strength training, I dont think 1-3 is a good range, some might say that
    is not enough frequency to elicit enough adaptation, but also, often if you
    can only do 1-3 of something, your form is crap because its so hard,
    personally I find good form starts from 5 reps, so I think 5-8 reps is fine
    for strength training, and as you say, it may mean you can do more workouts
    a week

  12. 1 question, what about hand grips, how can i train that, because i have a
    lot of problems when im trying to do strength in my deadweight.
    Btw, awesome video !!!

  13. I’ve just started lifting because I wanted to look and feel in better
    shape. I have two friends that I got to the gym with and both give me
    contradicting advice that are reasonable but frustrating because I want to
    do my own routine.

    One keeps suggesting High weight/low rep increase weight as it gets easier
    and the other Low weight/high rep increase set as it gets easier.

    The problem with the first I find is it getting bulkier but I don’t
    necessarily want that and I don’t have the endurance for more reps and the
    the second I’m building endurance but not increasing size/strength enough.

    What I want is a bit more size and toned. I am a very lean person with a
    little flab.

    Anyways I was thinking alternating between High Weight/Low rep increase set
    and Low Weight/high rep increase weight.

    eventually the High weight becomes a High rep and vice versa so when the
    High weight becomes the number of High rep it switches to a Low weight

    what do you all think?

  14. Hi guys, on my coumpond movements i am doing pyramid sets where I start at
    around 10-12 reps and keep putting on weight untill my 5:th set where I do
    around 3-4 reps is this beneficial for building strength? I do feel
    stronger but are there any better way to go around this? Sorry for my bad
    english btw.

  15. you need medical/physiological evidence to back up your claims. no one
    cares if you are jacked. what may work for you may not work for your

  16. Super simple question. I am not against weight lifting (I.e. Dumbbells and
    such), but body weight training is simply more enjoyable and convenient for
    me. So my question is, if I want to elicit a hypertrophy response and build
    muscle mass with body weight training alone, do just I slow my tempo and
    clench during the exercise? If not, how do I gain muscle mass with body
    weight training alone? Thank ya, Elliot.

  17. With all the bullshit advice out on the internet today its good to have a
    guy like elliott laying out some real wisdom in a way people can
    understand. Keep up the videos man the fitness industry is better because
    of it

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