How to train for the 13.1 mile race distance. Whether you are a beginner runner or an advanced marathoner, these tips and workouts are designed to help you run faster! SUBSCRIBE:

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  1. A video about periodization might help a lot of people and save them from
    overtraining. For example how long to do easy aerobic base building phase,
    and how long to do harder weeks where you incorporate some hard training
    and have more lactic acid. I don’t think you can do Vo2max workouts, tempo
    runs, speed work, and long runs every week for the whole year without
    overtraining but I’d like to know what you think. 

  2. Ran my 1st half marathon today… 2hrs:30mins.. not a great time, need to
    cut the time down, think speed intervals is a great idea for this.. thanks
    for advice!!, do you recommend taking protein shake afterwards, think my
    legs will be in bits tomorrow :(..

  3. New Training Talk Thursday: HALF MARATHON TRAINING! Subscribe for new
    videos every week. Thanks for the support!!

  4. good comment daniels i cant thumb up it on my device… so sage i thumbs up
    daniels training talk thursday….

  5. Thank you, Sage : )
    I have a half marathon just before Christmas, this will be very helpful to

  6. 😀 @ 5:38 i like this kind of training talk more, there are not
    so many people running ultra marathons :)

  7. Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else trying to find out
    marathon training try Sarparder Running Expert Starter (just google it ) ?
    Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my colleague got amazing
    success with it.

  8. My greatest nightmare in running is sore feet. It slow me down and always
    put me off running. Is there a way to get over it?

  9. I’d really appreciate a lengthy vid on form, with all the footage form the
    side point of view. Too often they only show a couple strides, or else
    it’s from the back of a treadmill. Great advice and subscribed to both you
    and runningwild.

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    running distance try Sarparder Running Expert Starter (do a google search )
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  11. This year I would like to run half marathon once a week. To get this point,
    definitely there is a long way to go, lots of practices and lessons.
    Last year I ran two or three half marathon. I was tired though. 

  12. Sage, congratulations on the North Face Endurance Challenge Championships
    victory! Thank you for the great videos and help you provide.

  13. I know this is not fast, but I have been subscribed for about a year now I
    am sure, your training tips took me from a 4:40 marathoner to a 3:45
    marathoner, and I am still far from my best, I can feel improvement all the
    time thanks to understanding what each workout does for me physically.
    Thanks Sage, all the way from South Africa.

  14. Great tips! I have a road half marathon mid December. Have been running
    mostly trails for the last few months so it looks like I have to get used
    to the pounding from running on roads again. For a next training topic,
    what’s the best way to train for a trail marathon with over 5K of vertical?
    I hope to run one in early February (Sean O’Brien in SoCal). Thanks for the
    awesome training tips.

  15. I’ve noticed the delta between my marathon pace and 5k pace (and all paces
    in between of course) shrink over the last year. To the point that my only
    HM this year was run at the exact same pace as my marathons. That said I
    did run my 2nd & 3rd fastest marathons this year. Perhaps you can share
    some thoughts on redeveloping leg speed after an extended base building

  16. I have 5 month to train for a half marathon this guy rocks
    vo2maxproductions please do a video on 5 or 4 month training ideas or
    workouts thank you

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