Bodywork with an Asian twist: Áine deDanaan was 'born' to do it

Bodywork with an Asian twist: Áine deDanaan was 'born' to do it
In the scope of my practice, I can teach or suggest exercises — Qigong and tai chi, stretching — to do at home to promote the work of the session and expand the benefits. It helps with respiratory ailments, allergies, low back pain and sports-related …
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Columnist Donna Cotnam tells us when a good stretch may not be enough to get
Stretching after your workout is even more important since it relieves muscle tightness, improves flexibility aids in the return to normal blood flow and cools down the body. After a workout, your body will be able to stretch even further than it did …
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Slapping illness away
And the stretching? 'Jin-suo' is a shortening of tendons that causes stiffness and disease. 'La-jin' reverses this by stretching the tendons and increasing flexibility. While lajin is best done on a lajin bench, modifications include using chairs or …
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