Crossfit Workout For Beginners

Crossfit Workout For Beginners

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Crossfit Workouts For Beginners
Crossfit 2014
Crossfit Workout At Home
Video Rating: 4 / 5 – Beginner Crossfit Workout with Dave Erickson in Spokane, Washington

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Dave Erickson is a 4x Ironman finisher and 17x Ironman 70.3 finisher. Before triathlon, Dave played 2 years of college football followed by one year of college soccer. He even dabbled in natural bodybuilding. After graduating from Washington State University, Dave spent 15 years working as a TV News Anchor and Reporter all over the country. Learn more by visiting
Video Rating: 4 / 5

48 thoughts on “Crossfit Workout For Beginners

  1. Okay, I have to decided to better myself and since gyms scare me this video
    was perfect Sadly, I only completed 2 rounds. Could you do a video focused
    on building legs and butt muscles?! :D

  2. I would love to start this program really soon, but I also would love to do
    some running. Is it better to do this before or after the running? thanks
    for the input!

  3. Five rounds! The last round I had to do the modified version of the push
    ups though… but that’s the most push ups I’ve ever been able to do!
    Feeling pretty proud!

  4. Hi I do wushu (aka chinese martial arts). This is a great workout and it
    conditions your whole body nicely. But a good thing to look out for is
    stiff shoulders while you’re doing the reps, try to keep them relaxed

  5. Nathan, I really enjoyed this workout. It was simple and effective, and a
    perfect start for the morning. Now I am relaxing on the couch with my heart
    still pumping, mind focused, and body sweating. At the end, I added a light
    stretch to seal off the workout…and it was perfect. Thank you for loading
    these videos. I’m certain that many others are grateful too. Keep up the
    good work and I look foreward to making Quick 10 Workouts a part of my day.

  6. Thnks so much for the video this is simple for me to do:)thnks plus u are
    in great shape hope works for me also:)

  7. Awesome workout, did my 7 rounds, perfect for a beginner thank you so much!
    Will be doing this more often! 

  8. This is the workout that I have been doing these days in my crossfit

  9. This videos was shot with the full consent of the gym/facility owner
    (person talking on camera) in an attempt to showcase what they teach – Dave

  10. The problem with crossfit is there all about doing things as fast as you
    can its all about doing your reps slow so you do them right I’m not saying
    do 1 rep every like 5 minutes but you don’t go as fast as you can because
    thats when you make mistakes 

  11. Beginner’s crossfit? Thank God I decided not to join in…what they told me
    about it is then true…judging by what I see I couls damage my knees in my
    first attempt..

  12. the guy is obviously not a beginner to working out, but a beginner to
    crossfit. the exercise (burpees, front squat, overhead press) is what is
    the beginner routine. with that said, i would never recommend doing
    overheads with barbells when you’re already tired, that was just plain
    dangerous, and he dropped it from overhead without a controlled movement.
    just reckless. try dropset if you’re so keep on doing this

  13. 9 rounds in 10 mins done very intensive btw is it really help burn fat with
    doing this per day 10 mins?

  14. Maybe the coach should teach a better front rack position before making a
    beginner do thrusters… easy fixes would make this much easier on his back
    and keep the weight from falling forward over his toes.. or even a proper
    burpee would be good.. a good workout if coached correctly. this is why
    crossfit gets such a bad rep unfortunately.

  15. After done with this workout, do we need to continue with another workout
    or that’s it for the day?

  16. Back injury waiting to happen. Once the guy was tiring , he should use a
    slight lighter weight. 

  17. how is this a beginner workout?? Are you kidding me? Most people would be
    turned right off by starting this intense…why not start slower?

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