Exercises Every Weightlifter Should Add to the Mix

Exercises Every Weightlifter Should Add

Exercises Every Weightlifter Should Add

Lifting weights provides multiple benefits for your health. It helps you manage your weight, builds muscle while decreasing fat, and increases your overall strength and endurance. But, experts also recommend that weightlifters should add exercises for aerobics and flexibility to your workout routine. These activities can increase the benefits of your weightlifting work. We’ll discuss 3 different Exercises Every Weightlifter Should Add for a well rounded workout.


Swimming is an aerobic exercise that increases cardiovascular activity and works out every muscle in your body. For weightlifters, swimming also allows your muscles and renew after or between workouts. The low-impact exercise of swimming gets blood pumping throughout your body, restores the muscle fibers, and encourages muscle growth.

Cardio is also beneficial in other ways. Stronger lungs increase your endurance, and the rhythmic activity of swimming can relieve stress and improve mental health. You may find yourself sleeping better at night, too.


Like lifting weights, yoga can build muscle strength, but there are additional benefits. Yoga increases flexibility in joints by gently stretching the soft tissues in and around them. More flexibility may improve your coordination and balance, which are essential for lifting heavier weights.

You should consider doing yoga after your workout or on recovery days since the poses are gentle. Deep breathing can cleanse your body of waste and improve your immune system. Since yoga is usually practiced in a quiet, softly-lit room, you may find it’s also a great stress reliever. Yoga is a calming and relaxing exercise that helps you focus.

Running or Walking

Weightlifters need cardio, and one of the easiest ways to get it is by running or walking. A short run outdoors, on a track, or on a treadmill can give your body the blood flow it needs to oxygenate your muscles and improve endurance. You can also burn calories, boost your metabolism, and reduce fat.

It’s not necessary to run fast; in fact, walking briskly will give you cardio benefits similar to those of running. It helps you burn fat without straining muscles. Walking also puts a lower impact on muscles and joints and may help you avoid overtraining.

It’s widely accepted that a mix of exercise types gives you the most benefits in terms of general fitness, health, and wellbeing. Adding aerobic or stretching exercise such as yoga can be a great complement to your weightlifting routine. You may see an improvement both physically and mentally. We hope you found our tips helpful on Exercises Every Weightlifter Should Add.

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