How to Prevent Issues That Can Bring Your Fitness Progress to a Halt

You’ve finally found a fitness program that you can stick to. You’ve seen some good results, but it feels like you’re starting to experience diminishing returns. Maybe you’re not losing weight as quickly, or your muscle building is slowing down. It’s important to realize that this is normal. There are limits to what your body can do. But the slowing down could also be due to other things. If you want to prevent your progress from coming to a halt. Consider the following.


Complacency will kill your progress in any area of your life, but especially in fitness. Many people start their fitness programs with a gung-ho attitude. They give each motion their all and push themselves to their limit. However, as time goes on the excitement wears off, and the grind begins. Soon you start going through the motions and getting sloppy in your technique. You don’t push out the extra reps like you used too. You think that what you’re doing is enough. This is going to kill your progress. To avoid this, you need something to keep pushing you forward. This can be some form of competition, or even a new activity. The choice is up to you.



Dealing with pain can be a major obstacle to physical progression. Many people try a new workout, and then give it up because the soreness is too much for them. In other cases, the pain comes from swollen joints or injuries. If you are injured, consult with a physical therapist about how to recover, and how to prevent a re-injury.

If the pain is from swelling and soreness, consider using a natural supplement to help with the pain. CBD is quickly growing in popularity. CBD oil is derived from hemp flowers and can reduce the inflammation that causes muscle soreness and joint pain. There are many ways you can use hemp flowers to get the effects of CBD. They can be used in cooking or distilled to create a liquid form.



Overscheduling yourself can really make things difficult if you’re trying to improve your physical fitness. Fitness should be enjoyable and stress relieving. If you’re having trouble fitting it into your schedule, then it can quickly become an additional stressor in your life. Physical fitness requires time. If you’re serious about it, you need to remove some things from your schedule to make room for exercising.


Your physical fitness is extremely important. How you treat your body is going to impact your ability to participate in activities. It’s also going to impact your health. A healthy weight and strong body will help boost your immune system and make you less prone to illness.

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