How to Reach More of Your Fitness Goals

How to Reach More of Your Fitness Goals

How to Reach More of Your Fitness Goals. Sometimes it seems like sticking to a fitness plan long-term is as hard to reach as the stars. Life happens, and all too soon the fire that got us started has fizzled down to the embers. When we fail to follow our regiment perfectly, we all-too-often give up. This well-known pattern doesn’t mean that fitness goals are impossible to reach. Frequently, it is a simple matter of improving our goal-making, seeking out help, and fixing our mindset.

Put Them Down in Writing

Often, our goals live in the ephemeral expanse of our mind, without solidity. When you write your goals down, it forces you to follow better goal-setting procedures. Attainable goals are SMART; Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time Bound. If you put your goals to paper, you are more likely to follow this established protocol. For example, you might write down that you want to be able to run a five mile stretch within the next three months, as opposed to the ill-defined goal of getting in better shape.  

Work With an Instructor

Few things keep you motivated like getting other people involved, especially an instructor or trainer. You will have someone other than yourself to answer to, and you will benefit from expert advice and coaching. It is more fun to work out in a group setting, which fosters friendships and camaraderie, along with a little healthy peer pressure! Any fitness gym or community center will offer a wide range of fun and challenging classes. For example, practicing yoga with the help of an instructor can drastically improve your ability.

Develop a Growth Mindset

Perfectionism is the enemy of growth. When you fall short on your goals, which is inevitable, perfectionism will try to convince you to quit. Perfectionism can’t handle, well, anything short of perfection. But no one is perfect, and you will go much further toward reaching your goals with a growth mindset. With a growth mindset, you will be up for difficult challenges, you will push past negative thoughts, you can learn from missteps, and you will be able to get right back up when you fall. Remember, even if you take one step back for every two steps forward, you are still on a forward trajectory.

You can attain your fitness goals! As you set better goals, enlist the help of others, and keep your focus on growth, nothing can stop you. Be patient with yourself, and reward yourself for every minor success. Your hard work and dedication will deserve it. We hope you found our tips useful on How to Reach More of Your Fitness Goals.

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