How to Work Out Muscles You’re Neglecting

Muscles You’re Neglecting

Have you ever noticed that certain muscles and parts of your body are weaker than others? Sometimes, you might focus on certain exercises or muscle groups according to your natural strengths, but this can leave other parts of your body neglected and weak. Here are a few tips that will help you to work out the muscles that you’re neglecting.

Keep a Log

First, keep a log of the exercises you do each time you go to the gym or work out. This can help you to track the different exercises that you tend to do and identify areas where you are neglecting to exercise. For example, tracking your exercise might help you to see that you focus a lot on cardio and legs, but you hardly ever work your arms. On the other hand, tracking your exercise might help you to see that you focus disproportionately on strengthening your ab muscles, but you don’t really work your back to achieve a balanced, healthy posture. Keeping a log can help you to improve your overall health. 

Do Full-Body Exercises

You can also work out muscles that you’ve normally neglected by incorporating full-body exercises into your workout routine. Full-body exercises will prevent you from focusing solely on one muscle group and help you to get a workout throughout all of your muscles. There are many types of great, full-body exercises. Using a rowing machine is a great example that engages your arms, abs, legs, back, and butt. Swimming makes use of nearly every muscle group in the body. Find a type of full-body exercise that you love and incorporate that into your routine.

Create a Weekly Schedule

Finally, it can be helpful to create a weekly schedule for your workouts. Similar to keeping a log, creating a weekly schedule can help you to track the different muscle groups that you’re exercising throughout the week. Creating a log can also help you to still use the muscle-focused workouts that you love while balancing them with other full-body workouts. For example, you can create a weekly workout schedule that includes a day for legs, arms, abs, back, and full-body exercises. You can even switch up your weekly schedule from week to week to add a greater variety of exercises. This can help you to stay invested and interested in your workouts while still getting the full-body balance that you need. 


So, if you suspect that you’re neglecting some of your muscle groups, try out these tips. Remember, balancing the muscles that you work out isn’t just for helping you to achieve a strong, evenly-exercised body. Working out all of your muscles can also help to prevent you from injuries and health problems as all parts of your body are equally strengthened.

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