IFBB Pro Physique Competitors Jeff Seid & Matt Patison – Chest Workout

Matt Patison coaches me through this hardcore chest workout giving some good tips/techniques and new chest exercises throughout the entire workout! Matt and I are 3 weeks out from the two IFBB Men’s Physique season opener shows. Seidwear available at: http://www.jeffseid.com/shop/seidwear/

Check out Matt’s channel and fanpage:
►►► https://www.youtube.com/pattison34
►►► http://www.mattpattisonfitness.com
►►► http://www.Instagram.com/mattpattisonfitness
►►► https://www.facebook.com/mattpattisonphysique

All footage and editing was done by: Anthony Hayward
www.anthonyhaywardproductions.com – IG/anthonyhayward89

►►► Website: http://www.jeffseid.com
►►► Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/officialjeffseid
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “IFBB Pro Physique Competitors Jeff Seid & Matt Patison – Chest Workout

  1. 3:20

    “400g protein” this dude thinks everyone is naive as fuk. Strong bro advice
    overall. Also lol’d @ natty and NFL in same sentence

  2. people act like this guy is the size of kai greene haha you can attain a
    physique like his naturally is you have been training you whole life.
    Everyone is so quick to accuse him or steroids. He’s the one who made a
    name for himself while everyone else is sitting behind a computer hating.

  3. either that dude is very weak for his size, or he was faking the entire
    video xD because there is no way for him to strugle with 110 with his
    size.. dont fuck with me…

  4. 400 grams of protein? Seriously? Isn’t that a waste? Can your body really
    deal with that much protein and actually use it?

  5. Lmao its funny how they treat it like a science like “oh you have to take
    400 grams of protein and oh you must do this and that” dude look at this
    guy when he was 13 he was already built its all about genetics and or
    steroids theres no form or diet if your body is capable of looking like
    this then it will as long as you lift and juice or if you just have
    extremely good genetics like this dude (not saying he doesn’t juice because
    im sure he prob does) 

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