Marathon Training: key workouts for a sub 3

Sage rants about the three key types of workouts one should include in their marathon training. Whether you are going for a 3:30 or a 2:30 the principles are the same. What changes is weekly mileage and the paces…but that is another talk altogether.

24 thoughts on “Marathon Training: key workouts for a sub 3

  1. if you do all the training,is it possible to run a sub 3hr if ur 15 stone,
    12-15% body fat? y Do heavy people with strong muscular bodies ever run a
    sub 3? If so, could you give me an example (s)

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  3. Dude is Boulder like the athletic lifestyle/outdoor mekka? So many
    runners/triathletes/whatever seem to be based in Boulder…

  4. When I finally run my first marathon I think I will be aiming for more like
    a 4 hour marathon 🙂

    Edited 4 months after the original comment: Cancel that. I am now aiming
    for a 4 1/2 hour marathon :D

  5. thanks for the words of wisdom!!! training for the oly,pics i will
    definitely switch up my training techniques!

  6. My first marathon time – 3:04:13 , and I was disappointed little bit. Hills
    at the end just killed me !

  7. Training talk video recommendation: What are the pros and cons of training
    with a largely aerobic base and increasing intensity as you approach a
    race. What are the pros and cons of training first with high intensity and
    increasing volume as you approach a race.

  8. Since we are back to these educational videos, Sage can you comment on
    plyometrics to develop elasticity in your tendons and how that can help
    your running? Specifically, what kind of workouts would you do and how

  9. Great advice Sage. Thanks for posting!! After I get through this runner’s
    knee I’m making 2014 my year… 

  10. I watched the first few minutes, but couldn’t continue… Dude needs a
    translator. So much jargon being spewed out there’s no room to understand
    it in layman’s terms….

  11. Great Video! Very informative! I think you can answer my question, seeing
    how you live in Boulder now. I live in Co Springs (aprx 6400ft) and have
    trouble figuring out what paces to run to train for my half and full
    marathons at sea level. I have also been told that since I train up here,
    I don’t need as long of a long run for half training. But is there still a
    benefit from running an 18 miler at 6400 ft for a half at 1000 ft? Thanks
    and keep the videos coming!!

  12. Thanks for the sage advice! I appreciate how commonsense (backed by
    science) your talks are. Keep the passion!

  13. This was easily the most succinct breakdown of peak performance marathon
    training I’ve seen. Thanks for sharing exactly what I needed to help me
    start thinking about Boston Marathon preparations!

  14. This is a nice topic. I ran a 3h12m marathon and my longest mileage run was
    13 miles once a week. But I was suffering from cramps at the end. How does
    one avoid the cramps ?

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