Obstacles to Your Progress It’s Time to Give Up

Obstacles to Your Progress It’s Time to Give Up

There are many obstacles to you progress in fitness journey, remember its not a destination as much as the journey. As much as we would all love to reach our fitness goals one day and then never need to think about our fitness again, unfortunately that is just not how it works. Achieving your fitness goals and surpassing your wildest fitness dreams takes time, often months or years to achieve, and then requires lifelong maintenance. This means that rather than simply getting through obstacles to your fitness, you need to find ways to give them up and get them out of your way. Here are three obstacles to your fitness journey that it is time to say goodbye to.

Refined Carbs

The first obstacle to your fitness progress that it is time to give up is refined carbs. Carbohydrates are one of the three macronutrients, and carbs are used as our bodies main source of energy. But refined carbs, also known as simple carbs, can be detrimental to your health. Refined carbs have been stripped of the bran, fiber, and other nutrients that make grains and carbs good for your body. What is left is simply the sugars, which when consumed will cause a spike in insulin, quickly dissipating and leaving you hungry again. Focus on complex, whole grains over refined carbs.


Another one of the major obstacles to your progress is soda, and other sugary, high calorie beverages. There are all sorts of reasons why soda is bad for your health. Firstly, soda is high in sugar and calories, while providing almost zero nutritional benefits, leading to calories that don’t make you feel fuller or support your body. But on top of this, all the sugar in soda is bad for your health in other ways. Sugar causes bacteria to grow on your teeth and develops into plaque.


The final obstacle to your progress that it is time to give up is dessert. While you don’t have to eliminate dessert from your repertoire entirely, everyone loves a sweet treat, if you eat dessert every day, it may be keeping you from progressing. Desserts are topically high sugar, low nutrient items that offer little notional benefit to your body while pushing your calorie intake higher. This can cause weight gain, appetite issues, and other health problems. Try scaling back your dessert frequency for a health benefit.

Your health and fitness are a long-term goal, not a short-term goal. This means that it is essential to find ways to get obstacles out of your way for good. Pay attention to these three common obstacles to your progress in fitness and find the best way for you to eliminate them.

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