PLyometrics That Work!

here are a few basic and intermediate plyometrics that can be done to quickly and improve your speed and vertical leap.
these plyometrics actually work on increasing your vertical leap and your explosive stamina.
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24 thoughts on “PLyometrics That Work!

  1. Hi when you mean land you mean let you’re whole eight land than explode
    right? i get a little confuse about that.

  2. what would be a good rep and set count for this set of exercise? I am 170cm
    tall and able to jump 260cm for standing board jump and would like to
    increase my vertical height. 

  3. This looks good as i will use the summer holidays to improve my sprint and
    jumping ability. But how often do i have to do this exercise and how many
    sets and reps ?


  4. Butt kicks? No need. Life and other people have it taken care of…

    (raises chin, stares into the distance momentarily… sighs)

  5. Just did 3 sets of these exercises for the first time, much harder than it
    looks, i couldn’t even go straight trough i had to rest before my recovery

  6. This is good stuff you should incorporate plyo into your workout every
    other day or 48 hours.

  7. If I do 3 sets of 15 reps of any of those plyos, how many seconds should I
    rest between sets? and how many seconds should I rest before passing to
    another plyo exercise? 

  8. The squat thrusts are awesome. Cut them out of my workout and my vert went
    down like 2 inches. Added them back in, going back up.

  9. I’m 21 and I’m trying to get into sprinting, its what i love doing. I train
    every day in one way or another e.g stretching, drills, plyometrics and
    hill sprints I’m just wondering if 21 is too late to get into running and
    possibly competing at an international level? 

  10. Do weight bearing exercises help with one’s vertical? In other words,
    should I squat heavy weights or do plyos if I want to increase my vertical?
    Or perhaps a combination of both? I’m just looking for ideas here.

  11. +bernotas27 Hey man,isnt that to much,doing 5-6 times a week plyometrics,im
    interested because im a amateur basketball player and im going to the gym
    and as well wants to combine plyo drills as well so i wont to use as
    maximum as posible those drills.How much per week should i practice it? I
    need it for my vert…..

  12. +potpot manliguez
    *I think one of the reason why dont have it like you want it to do cause
    you have the improper way of principles and techniques + the inability to
    correct your proper nutrition. All of these should be taught to boost your

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