STRONGER Month 2 Plyometric Workout: EXPLOSION

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EXPLOSION is STRONGER’s 31-minute high intensity plyometrics workout created by LIVESTRONG and Nicky Holender.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Fat Burning Plyometric Workout -- Plyometric Training for Power, Speed and Increased Vertical

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47 thoughts on “STRONGER Month 2 Plyometric Workout: EXPLOSION

  1. Day 54 workout complete! Plyo day! Getting better at these moves! #SweatPink
    #FitFluential #Livestrong #Stronger 

  2. Day 47 workout! Wasn’t feeling like working out this morning, but once I
    got into it I wasn’t going to quit…now I feel amazing! #NoExcuses
    #SweatPink #FitFluential #Livestrong #Stronger

  3. First Plyo workout of Month 2! Can’t wait to keep practicing these single
    leg jumps! #Stronger #Livestrong #SweatPink #NoExcuses #FitFluential

  4. To help increase your vertical jump, you must understand right concepts,
    right practices & techniques with the right eating plan

  5. Your words are so inspiring Nikky. They keep me going through the whole
    workout. Its still challenging every time. and you’ve got an incredible
    team to boot!

  6. He is awesome. I am loving his workouts, I needed to switch up from the
    routine stuff I was doing. 

  7. Being in a wheelchair myself I cannot do these EXPLOSIONS! I think they are
    fantastic & I am passing the link to all of my team, I am certain it will
    just keep rolling to others from there. I love being a Team LIVESTRONG Army
    Leader and my whole heart is into it, I just with my body would comply :D

  8. Just a question: I don’t really understand how many videos you’ll be
    uploading per month since I don’t see one every day (excl. weekends
    though)? :-)

  9. Great video but one important aspect for your health.
    If you jump, don’t land on your heels. If they are the first thing that hit
    the ground while you land, you will screw your knees and shinbones over the
    Try to land on your ball of the foot (Is that the right expression for the
    front part of the foot?)

  10. Well you can do Box jumps for this second exercise but obviously if you
    don’t have a BOX then this variation is fine.

  11. Hands down, you guys are the best fitness channel on YouTube! I always add
    one of your workouts to my daily routines. Thank you so much for posting
    these vids. You have changed my life. 

  12. On the broad jump its best not to use objects that could easily roll if you
    accidentally step on them…///-*__* or fall trying.

  13. does swinging your arm have anything to do with these exercise or is it
    just a boost to push yourself? i’ve noticed that i don;t swing my arm much

  14. I can see how plyometrics could really work! By exercising with our own
    body weight, it is a workout.

  15. @FitnessBlenders you guys are awesome. These exercises are very challenging
    and there free. Thank You for posting these videos.

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