The benefits of resistance training

The benefits of resistance training
Resistance training could reduce the risk of osteoporosis, reduce the risks of falls, improve balance and coordination and decrease the risk of muscular injuries. It could increase flexibility and decrease the severity of muscle soreness along with …
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Strength training: It's a family affair
Many people shy away from strength training because of a pervasive stigma associated with it: Weight gain. All too often, we hear excuses for why people choose to avoid strength training: “I don't want to bulk up” or “I don't need to focus on weights …
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Bodyweight exercises will make you stronger more quickly
The origins of bodyweight training go back a long way. You just have to read David Webster's book The Iron Game: An Illustrated History of Weight Lifting, which cites 3600BC Chinese texts to see how far, with evidence that Chinese emperors of the time …

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