The Gold Standard: Retrospect and Prospect

The Gold Standard: Retrospect and Prospect

Price: $5.00

Color: Naturally Flavored Chocolate
Model: 10052000010562

Brand: Gatorade


  • The Gatorade Blender Bottle is the perfect companion for on-the-go athletes at the gym, field or wherever they may work up a sweat.​
  • Enhanced Mixing – Patented mixing systems uses the BlenderBall wire whisk to produce smooth great-tasting drinks​
  • Upgraded Lid – Includes a convenient carrying loop and flip cap design​
  • Easy to Use – Large drink/pour spout and Stay Open Flip Cap for convenience​
  • Textured Gripper Bars – A design that provide nonstop hold, while embossed fill lines allow for precision mixing​
  • Easy to Clean – Design is dishwasher safe and easy to clean​

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