Warning Signs You Need to Watch Out for During an Intense Workout

As a general rule, working out is a great way to boost your fitness and protect your health. Intense workouts offer a way to gain the benefits of physical activity more quickly, and can be great for boosting strength and power. As you work out, there are some warning signs you need to watch out for in order to avoid harming yourself.


There is a certain degree of discomfort associated with an intense workout. Since you have to break muscle down to build it up, you’re likely to experience burning sensations or soreness. When it goes beyond this into pain, you may be doing yourself greater injury than anything else. This is especially the case if you notice that it’s more than just muscle pain. If you’re experiencing pain, take some time to investigate why. Make sure you’re not injured. If you decide to resume your workout, ease up to avoid hurting yourself further. Warm up thoroughly before you start your workout and cool down afterwards to protect yourself from injury and pain.


During strenuous exercises, you may feel dizzy from time to time. There are multiple reasons why you might feel dizzy, such as lack of fuel or water, improper breathing techniques, or a decrease in your blood pressure. If you experience dizziness, stop and take a break for a bit. It’s not safe to continue if you aren’t feeling well. If you aren’t sure what’s wrong, a quick search online may point you in the right direction. WebMD may be a helpful resource. WebMD not only contains medical information, but also a directory of doctors and medical specialists in your area.


Proper hydration is essential for a safe, intense workout. If you are dehydrated, you might experience symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, cramps, lack of sweating, or a hard, fast heartbeat. It’s important to make sure you drink enough water during your workout. Have a water bottle close at hand as you exercise. Refill as needed. If you’re sweating a lot, you may find it helpful to drink something with electrolytes to replace those you’re losing through your sweat.

Getting injured during a workout can set you back weeks, if not months, in terms of progress. To protect yourself, watch out for feelings of pain, dizziness, and dehydration. These warning signs should not be ignored. Know your limits and be careful when pushing them during an intense workout. You won’t do yourself any favors if you get yourself hurt.

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