What should be your traditional kickboxing workout routine?

What should be your traditional kickboxing workout routine?

Blog post by *Ann Edwards of Elite Sports

Kickboxing is a fighting sport in which both punches and kicks are involved. We practise kickboxing in order to defend ourselves. Other than that we practise kickboxing to strengthen our legs, back, core and glute muscles. You can also burn lots of calories along with that you can strengthen up your muscles at the same time. Through kickboxing you can also release your stress, you can keep yourself away from anxiety and stress.

Every discipline/sport has its own rules and regulations (principles), so kickboxing also has the seven principles, which are defence, distance, time, endurance, power, and fainting.

It’s a high-intensity workout, through which you are able to burn around 350 to 450 calories.

But before hitting the gym you need to get the suitable gym attire first which should be sweat absorbing, durable, and should aid comfort in your training and fighting sessions. Elite sports workout clothes are durable and provide comfort during your workout sessions.

There are also lots of health-related advantages of kickboxing, they include improvement in your muscular endurance and strength. Few studies have declared the fact that if you practise kickboxing three times a week, ultimately you can develop the strength and endurance in your muscles and can improve your equilibrium too.

If you are obese you can reduce your weight by practising kickboxing, if you have difficulty in sleeping then you must practise kickboxing so that you can have a better quality of sleep. Your mental health, self-esteem and confidence also get better, and you can build up strong confidence in your children as well if they start practising kickboxing from a young age.

But if you are a beginner keep in mind to protect yourself by wearing appropriate kickboxing safety gear, because it can cause severe injuries as well.

In today’s blog, I will discuss some of the kickboxing routines which will be beneficial for you. They are simple routines that you can follow to get maximum benefits but before that, you need to practise warm-ups. The warm-up includes jogging, rope jumping, squats, reverse lunges, power squats, deadlifts, and pull-ups.

Kickboxing workout.


In order to execute the Jab, you need to move your fist in a straight direction, away from your chin. Balance yourself by getting into the boxing stance. I mean you need to stay a bit bouncy so that you can easily distribute your overall body weight. Expand your dominant hand, while throwing the jab, rotate your arm, also make sure that your elbow should also be positioned in the download direction. I mean you should bend it properly. Also, make sure to rotate your hips a little bit when you are executing the jab. This punch is a longer punch as is a stronger punch too so it makes you unable to defend yourself or to counter-attack.

Useful tips to remember.

Always keep your backhand in a way that it’s guarding your chin, make sure your chin is down when you are about to execute the punch, and make sure your fist is tight as well. When throwing a jab, take a small step forward (don’t move too much forward to execute the jab), get back to your place. It doesn’t matter if you miss the jab, but you have to get back to your place.

Move your hip a little bit while throwing a punch because when you move your hip a bit, it will bring some power. Also, keep in mind that in kickboxing every punch originates from your feet, I mean the power that is required in the execution of the punch comes from your feet.

Stay relaxed, don’t panic. You will be able to deliver the punch more strongly when you will stay much relaxed.

Along with that while you are landing the punches make sure that you are exhaling in a proper way.

So if you want to start practising any workout, as I mentioned earlier you need to get the appropriate gym attire first which should be lightweight and stretchable. Elite sports workout clothes are stretchable and are also available at cheap prices.


The cross punch is considered as the powerful punch because you execute it with your dominant hand, and with your powerful leg, you push your opponent away. You can also improve your cross punch, here are a few tips to follow.

Start practising your boxing skills on a punching bag or on a heavy bag. Other than that you can also start practising shadow boxing on the sand. It will help you to improve your speed, agility and endurance, also your focus will also get improved because in kickboxing your focus plays an important role.


Kicking from the front side.

In order to execute the front kick, you need to get into the boxing stance first. Stand in a way that your shoulders and foot should be widened apart.

Create a suitable distance away from the punching bag so that your front should be facing towards the bag. Your arms should be a little upward and your right leg should be at the back, rotate your hip, and before executing the punch transfer your weight upon your left foot.

By extending your hips and knees, with your right foot heel, hit the punching bag with full force. Now repeat this workout for 10 repetitions, afterwards switch to the other side.


Drilling with some partner.

So as to perform some drills with your partner, one of you should be making the guard position( holding the gloves) protecting his/her face with their hands. The other person will keep on executing the punches for 30 seconds continuously in the middle of the opponent’s palm.

Now execute the cross punch in the same way without switching.


Other tips for kickboxing

You have to be very sure that your hands are up, and you should be fully focused on your opponent. Always start in a slow mode so that you should not freak out. Keep your feet in the boxing stance always, (when you execute the punch you have to get back in your place as I mentioned earlier).

*Ann Edwards is the fully qualified personal trainer from Elite sports. She has been helping people in the field of bodybuilding and fitness from more than a decade. Her career in nutrition and physical therapy has made her a fine addition for our team. 

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