Cheap Sources of Protein You Should Eat Every Day

Protein You Should Eat Every Day

Cheap Sources of Protein You Should Eat Every Day. Protein, carbs, and fat: the three macronutrients. Each one has an important role to play in eating a nutritious, balanced diet. Of course, some sources of protein tend to be pretty expensive. The good news is that there are less expensive, even cheap sources of protein that you can eat every day and still enjoy the benefits that come from eating enough protein.

Peanut Butter

A practically mandatory inclusion in the kid-friendly PB&J sandwich, peanut butter is more than just a tasty spread that you can pair with various jams, jellies, and honey. It’s also an excellent source of protein (8 grams per 2 tbsp) and heart-healthy fats. It also has 2-3 grams of fiber. Scoop it up with apple slices, pair it with bananas, or smear it into celery sticks with raisins on top for fun, healthy, tasty snacks.


Eggs are another great source of high quality Protein You Should Eat Every Day. One large egg has six grams of it. They are a good source of vitamin D, choline, antioxidants, and omega-3s, help improve your levels of good cholesterol, and are filling, which can help with weight management. Eggs are also a great food for your teeth. There are a ton of different ways to cook eggs. Whether you like them scrambled, hard boiled, sunny side up, over easy, poached, deviled, or in an omelette or frittata, there are a ton of different tasty ways to eat them. Add cheese for extra protein, veggies to boost the nutrient content, and seasonings to enhance flavor.


Getting a good start to your day with a healthy breakfast is important. You can get the day started off right with a healthy helping of protein by eating oats. One cup of cooked oats will get you about 5 grams of protein. That same helping provides a variety of vitamins and minerals too, as well as antioxidants and fiber. Oatmeal can help with controlling blood sugar, constipation, and cholesterol. You can boost the protein and nutrient content by adding things like fresh fruit, almond milk, nut slices, nut butters, and Greek yogurt.

Eating enough protein on a daily basis is an important part of making sure you’re eating a diet that will fuel your body and help it stay strong. Fortunately you don’t have to shell out a small fortune in order to get the protein you need. Peanut butter, eggs, and oats are just three examples of affordable proteins that you can eat every day. Take a look around at your grocery store the next time you go in and see what other affordable sources of protein you can find. We hope you found our tips helpful on Cheap Sources of Protein You Should Eat Every Day.

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