Essential Foods Many Fitness Enthusiasts Don’t Think About

Essential Foods. One of the biggest factors to focus on in regards to fitness is your diet. You can exercise daily and still see no results because of the food you eat. There is so much information out there about the right things to eat. However, don’t forget about these great foods that can add needed nutrients to your diet.


Beans may not be quite as popular as a protein shake for a post-workout snack, but they are a great alternative. Beans are a whole food, meaning you know everything that is going into your body. They are an excellent source of plant-based protein. They can provide you with what your body needs to recover and build muscle after a workout. They contain similar nutrients to meat, so you’re getting plenty of protein and fiber. However, beans have no saturated fat, making them healthier for your heart than meat. If your digestive system can handle it, consider including more beans in your diet with your workouts.


Salads are a fantastic way to fit a lot of vegetables into one meal. They are incredibly versatile and easy to make new every day. Just start with a bed of any sort of greens, and add vegetables and protein. Include dressing if you so desire. They also provide a lot of nutritional value per serving. Salads are dense in nutrients that help you gain more energy for your workouts. The healthy carbohydrates and fiber found in salads give your body energy. Vegetables and greens also contain a high water content, which can help your body stay hydrated as you eat.


Oatmeal is a fantastic recovery meal for after a long workout. Oatmeal contains carbs and protein, and works as a blank canvas for you to flavor it however you like. Add nuts and fruit for healthy fats. Toss in some flax or chia seeds for Omega-3s. Whatever you decide to put into your oatmeal, incorporating it into your diet is a great idea. In fact, savory oatmeal is becoming more and more popular. Try adding eggs and herbs to change up your meal. Oatmeal is also incredibly inexpensive, which makes it a great option for any budget.

Sometimes it can be easy to get so wrapped up in the latest diet trend that people can forget about the basics. In reality, it’s these very simple foods that make a world of difference in your health. From now on, consider focusing on these whole, plant essential foods to make big changes in your health.

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