Getting Back On Track: Top Tips for Staying Active

Top Tips for Staying Active
Getting Back On Track: Top Tips for Staying Active

Blog post by Jennifer McGregor

There’s nothing more intimidating than trying to implement a head-to-toe health makeover in a few days’ time. You’ll have better luck if you take a realistic approach and look for strategies that can be incorporated into your everyday life. This also helps ensure habits become “normal” parts of your schedule. As Insider recommends, the best healthy habits are developed one step at a time.

Have a Plan

Of course, even a low-key entry into health and fitness requires a bit of pre-planning to be effective. Think about changing up your everyday life in such a way that you’re making healthy choices. It might be as simple as setting a timer and getting up and doing jumping-jacks and lunges every hour, walking your dog twice a day, or joining a gym by your home or your office. Having a fitness pal to keep you honest can also be an asset. For example, if you and a friend join the same Zumba class that meets three times a week, you’ll be much more likely to show up since you’ll be accountable to someone other than yourself.

Meal Prep to Eat Right

Meal planning can be a big help when it comes to getting into a healthy eating routine. When you don’t plan your meals, there’s a tendency to grab whatever is handy or just nosh at random, which packs on the calories and doesn’t always deliver the healthy nutrients you need. Meal planning, combined with meal prep, can actually make your life a lot easier because you’ll know from day to day what you’re going to eat. Get into the habit of working more and more whole foods and fresh produce into your menus. Having foods pre-prepared makes it much easier to get dinner on the table.

Get a Fitness Tracker

Once you start using a fitness tracker, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without one. These nifty gadgets track everything from your steps and heart rate to your water intake and sleeping habits. Seeing your progress can give you the boost you need to keep going. You’ll also get to see how a healthy lifestyle contributes to your overall health and wellness. PC Mag has recommendations for the top fitness gadgets. If you don’t have a tracker, a phone app can also monitor your physical activity, provided you keep it on you throughout the day.

Buy New Clothes

If you don’t feel happy and confident in your current wardrobe, buy a few new pieces – especially if you’re in the market for workout clothes. The better you look and feel while you’re exercising, the more likely you are to stay on track with your health goals. Good tennis shoes and foundational garments, like sports bras without an underwire, can help ensure you’re getting the literal and figurative support you need in your journey. Even the act of putting on exercise clothes gets you into the mindset of moving and being active.

Ask for Help

If you feel stuck in your ways and are having a hard time committing to any fitness routine, consider hiring a pro to help you develop a plan you can stick to. You can find personal trainers online through the Personal Fitness Trainer Directory. Describe your fitness goals, interview different prospects, read online reviews, and ask about cost, availability, and approach. Finding the right trainer can make a world of difference in making healthy changes part of your life.

We all wish that we could live a healthier, more balanced life, but it can be challenging to get started and stay on track. Too often we think we should be working more, dedicating more time to our families, or volunteering. Don’t let that thinking be a deterrent. The better you feel about yourself and the healthier you are, the more available you’ll be to those around you. We hope you found these Top Tips for Staying Active useful.

If you need more motivation to keep at your fitness goals, visit Personal Fitness Trainer Directory’s fitness blog for tips and resources.

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