High-tech fencing just part of Bernardsville facility's athletic training (Video)

High-tech fencing just part of Bernardsville facility's athletic training (Video)
Much of the cross-training takes place in an area called the "Playground Room,'' where programs designed to work with athletes in all sports are held. Those programs are tailored to strengthen the whole body through weight resistance exercises and …
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Weekly Observations: Start planning now so you live well, age well
Add a little resistance training to the mix everyday. Resistance training, whether called strength training, yoga, isotonics, or by some other name, is simply you using your muscles: arm lifts, leg lifts, sit ups, push ups, controlled contractions of …
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Are You Guilty of These Gym Results Wreckers?
It's best achieved through strength training, and is often undermined even by those who make it to the gym. And I'm not talking about what happens on your dinner plate. I'm talking about what you might actually be doing on the gym floor – that is …
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The benefits of strength training
Strength can be achieved by resistance training, but you don't have to be lifting 400 lbs. to achieve a toned body with greater power. You can start with low weight to condition your muscles and avoid injury by perfecting your technique. This can all …
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