Yoga For Weight Loss | Strengthen and Lengthen

40 min Yoga For Weight Loss series continues with this Strengthen and Lengthen sequence! Learn proper alignment and how to infuse mindful energy and awareness into you practice. Adriene offers modifications as well as inspiration to detail the practice to suit your needs and desires! Breathe deep and enjoy your at home yoga practice. This is a full body experience, work it out!

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Yoga For Weight Loss – 40 Minute Fat Burning Workout

Yoga For Weight Loss – Total Body Workout

Yoga For Weight Loss – Core Workout

Yoga For Weight Loss – Abs and Arms

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 thoughts on “Yoga For Weight Loss | Strengthen and Lengthen

  1. I’ve done this sequence 3 times now after finishing “30 days of yoga”.
    Still can’t do a crow pose but the rest is lovely. That 30 day practice was
    the perfect foundation. I added a few bits at the end too – free style.

  2. I love doing yoga with Adriene, never been so committed before to yoga
    practice. When I do yoga it helps me to believe I can control my anxiety,
    which is very,very difficult!

  3. i think you talk way too much… it’s hard to express myself like you
    mentioned in this video when you keep on talking and mentioning every
    details… for a negin

  4. Adrienne, thanks so much for your videos! I just followed this video today,
    hoping to find a yoga routine that spoke to me. I love your style and your
    encouragement to personalize your yoga routine. I will be using your yoga

  5. Nice practice, all movements are soft and slow, for me as a beginner it
    works really nice, your explanation is so clear and i feel confidence when
    you talk, i feel as i know you for a lot of time, namaste.

  6. That was awesome! Does yoga really work as a legitimate workout routine to
    tone and strengthen? IF so, I’m down. Buff and peaceful? Hell yeah. 

  7. Man oh man adriene! Tough workout. But I made it through, with a few rests.
    🙂 I’m overweight (250 lbs) so this was tough for me. I’ve lost 12 lbs
    since I started dieting and doing yoga though (about a month ago). Anyways,
    I’m gonna feel this tomorrow, but it was a good workout. I’m yawning now
    lol. You are truly an inspiration. Since I’ve started doing your yoga
    videos, you’ only.instructor :-)

  8. Adrienne, your videos are good, but please extend them all by 2-4 minutes
    so we can stay in corpse pose longer. This one I was just getting into it
    when the next video started. I don’t mind the guitar outro, so much as the

  9. Then when ****I woke up this AM. I was all stiff and gross! I have Energy
    flowing through my body no almost like when I get acupuncture but even

  10. This was difficult, I could only finish until 27 minutes into the video.
    Just a little over 10 minutes to go. I will keep trying. 

  11. I just love you so much! you are a true Yogi. youre kind, effective,
    gentle, and encouraging. i love how REAL you are. your spirit is genuine
    and therefore make the practice so much easier. Thank you for sharing your
    gift of teaching with the online world! i am so excited to wake up in the
    morning and do yoga with you! You also somehow make it so enjoyable that
    40 mins feels like 10 !!! love love love ! aloha! <3

  12. Finally did the crow pose!!!!! Ok admittedly it was only a couple of
    seconds but I’ve never even been close to being able to do it before…
    Adriene is truly a great teacher. Couldn’t have done it without her <3 So
    proud :')

  13. i felt like there was too much talking which was distracting. the
    instructions are good for beginners but should be kept to the beginning of
    each pose instead of talking through its entirety

  14. I don’t get why atheists like strokerman01 feel the need to leave comments
    mocking people’s religious beliefs. I may not fallow Hindu beliefs but, I
    do not mock them either. I just choose to fallow God and his only son. 

  15. This is becoming part of my weekly work out. I love it. A lovely way to be
    calm and stretch out after a week of body neglect. 40 minutes just fly by.
    Thank you!!!

  16. Is it normal that my hips hurt a bit since doing this video? Has this
    happened to someone before?

  17. This was my first time doing this yoga series and i must say it was a tad
    bit intense for me but i will keep trying no matter what 🙂 

  18. I feel A 1,000 time better than when u started! And the best part, I didn’t
    have too pay any money! Just turn on my YouTube video with Adrienne! Thanks
    a Million! love you! Namaste

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