IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Kai Greene Chest Workout w/ Pro Mens Physique Jeff Seid & Alon Gabbay

Aesthetics meet Professional bodybuilding!
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25 thoughts on “IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Kai Greene Chest Workout w/ Pro Mens Physique Jeff Seid & Alon Gabbay

  1. Just keep your tank on you stupid narcist! Man these two guys really suck.
    Jeff Seid looks like some guy from a teen vampire series or Barbie´s
    goody-goody husband, just look at the gay haircut. Typical showing off vid
    to impress the gals. Yeah, you´re so cool dudes! If you seek to impress
    others, you lack some self-esteem boy. Plus, walking around shirtless at
    the gym is so dumb, let alone train w/ shirt. What a tard, surely thinks he
    is the real thing. There are many guys who could easily compete with his
    shape and got much more strenght, and they keep it decent though. Since
    true warriors don´t need to boast. Look at Kai. Doesn´t show his guns tho
    he could so own these two kids. Fuck all gym posers.

  2. LOL Everyone in the comments is a professional bodybuilder apparently xD So
    much jealousy, not a fan of either of the two white guys but i can’t
    exactly hate on their physiques, they must have worked hard as fuck to
    achieve that.

  3. Kai is the only natty here. These other guys are huge juicers. Kai Greene
    is the shining example of natural bodybuilding.

  4. Being a bodybuilder is completely pointless and useless, I mean, yea, for
    good look, but other than that, is stupid. I only workout for BJJ and
    Olympics wrestling where you workout for strength and abilities, not just
    for show off.

  5. It makes me laugh at how all these keyboard warriors are bashing on
    everyone in this video. Both body types are very impressive. And with the
    argument of the two whit guys being gay because they dont wear shirts is
    bullshit. Tons of guys at my gym dont wear shirts and no one minds it. The
    reason why is because no one gives a fuck about who is next to you. When
    you go to the gym your their to workout not judge other people. And the
    black guy hating every moment of working out with them is bullshit to. If
    he didnt like them then why workout with them… all three of them trained
    for years to get to were they are and dont deserve this pointless
    criticism. Just respect is all they deserve. 

  6. Was it just me or did anyone else think it was disrespectful how at the
    start that guy leans on the mighty Kai Greene with his elbow? There’s one
    thing putting your arm around someone but to just prop your elbow up on the
    shoulder of a man who is more than he’ll ever be is plain and simply RUDE! 

  7. Imagine you’ve got a watermelon or a grapefruit between your chest when you
    squeeze your chest during an exercise for maximum results.

  8. Damn this was awkward and gay, but I guess it suits the audience enjoying
    these kind of videos :)

  9. I couldn’t understand why 2 physique guys who get the opportunity to lift
    Kai Greene would talk over him every time he explained something. Shut up
    and listen, junior. Furthermore and this is my PO. The other guy with the
    douchy hair cut needs to calm the fuck down and focus more on technique
    then his appeal to the audience…which isn’t well received to begin with.

  10. why so many people like dumbell pullover as chest exercise. I had try it
    million times and it just gave me lats pump.

  11. i cant believe kai agreed to do this video. these guys are fags. they need
    to get over themselves already.

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