Mistakes People Make When Setting Off on a Workout Plan

Working out can be deceptively difficult. It takes a lot more mental effort than you might think to force yourself to exercise when you’re not used to it. Here are some common mistakes that beginners make when it comes to their first workout plans.

Not Having Defined Goals

Meeting your goals is an important way for you to motivate yourself. It feels good to achieve something, and it will help you want to continue. Without clear goals, you may instead find yourself unable to focus. It can be easy to focus on the difficulties instead of the progress that you’ve made. 

It’s important for your goals to be specific, realistic, and quantifiable. Instead of telling yourself, “I want to be stronger in a month,” try telling yourself, “I want to run three times this week.” Every so often, reevaluate your goals and reset them appropriately.

Not Considering Your Diet

Diet is the other side of the coin. Exercise is absolutely essential – but you won’t be able to get very far without a proper diet. Carbs are not enough. You need the necessary nutrients to exercise comfortably. You don’t need to become obsessed with health, and you don’t need to radically change your lifestyle. 

A balanced diet will help you get important nutrients for your health – so make sure to eat plenty of every food group. Protein and produce are essential. Healthy carbs and fats are similarly important. Minimize your intake of sugar and overly processed foods.

Neglecting the Routine

Consistency is really the most important thing when it comes to working out. Diet is necessary, and challenging yourself may help, but both of those don’t mean a lot when you’re simply not exercising. How many people do you know who recommit to exercising and then give up after two weeks? Goal setting can help with this, but regardless of how you motivate yourself, building a habit of exercise will benefit you for the rest of your life. Your body will grow accustomed to the previously unfamiliar sensation of exercise, and it will become easier and easier to stay healthy.


Starting is the hardest part. Then building the habit is the hardest part. But after that, you might be surprised just how simple it is. Exercise and diet don’t need to be complicated. You don’t even necessarily need a gym – you can instead use exercises to build strength and stamina without tools. The internet is a great resource for finding creative ways to exercise.

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