Pilates 30 Minutes Exercises Full Workout Doing at Home !

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Super SlimDown: Pilates Yoga Blend: If you want a slim, sleek, toned body, this is the workout for you. Pilates is great for creating long, lean, sexy muscles. Yoga gives you strength, balance, and flexibility. Creating dynamic movement within both disciplines burns calories. So we’ve combined all these elements to develop a revolutionary blend of flowing yoga and Pilates that is specifically designed to burn some spare calories — and give you a sleek physique — all from one beautiful, balanced, and effective workout.
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49 thoughts on “Pilates 30 Minutes Exercises Full Workout Doing at Home !

  1. I did not feel long, lean or strong. I felt burning in every muscle in my
    body, I felt weak and tired and after doing this at a friends house, I had
    to get a taxi to take me the 10 min walk home.

    now I’m eating cake.

  2. I found it to be a good beginniner becoming an intermediate workout. The
    first half was rather “easy” while the 2nd half threw became more
    challenging. Only wish the volume was higher. Very much liked the
    instructor. For once I able to correctly do a plank! Just the way she
    explained it helped me finally do it right.

  3. JUST DID IT!!!! Feeling like mush. But, gonna do it every day and come
    check back in.
    Day one CHECK :)


    Improves posture
    Improves core stability
    Improves abdominal and pelvic floor muscle tone
    Improves overall body tone and fitness
    Improves balance
    Improves sporting performance
    Increases strength
    Increases flexibility
    Assists with the prevention of injury
    Assists with rehabilitation
    Increased co-ordination and muscle control
    Assists with the prevention of low back and neck pain
    Safe form of exercise during and after pregnancy (seek GP advice)
    Your link to life long health…

  5. Any one know of any other videos Tandy Gutierrez has done as she’s great?
    really clear and well timed workouts. 

  6. OMG I was searching for something like this a few days ago, you read my
    mind 🙂 Well I recently hit 2,500 subscribers on my healthy
    lifestyle/fitness channel and would love to share with you my passion for
    wellness and fitness 🙂 I just made a killer workout video targeting the
    abs! I think you could learn a lot from it so if you get the chance, would
    love to share with you my healthy foods, fitness, and lifestyle tips! yayy!

  7. Great workout, but for me in this video there is too much talking.
    It would more calm with just a few words.
    This is a video, so people just need to follow the movements.

  8. I love Pilates. The first time I took it, I thought this is so easy, until
    the next day when I was so soreeeee. It is exercise without all the trauma
    to your joints. I felt taller and stronger by the end. Loved it!

  9. im sick of these yoga people pushing their drugs to people….in australia
    these places are swamped by junkies

  10. that wsa great! i liked that each movement had an explanation of where the
    target was supposed to be so i could really focus on that particular part
    of my body!

  11. Great Pilates workout! I have never been taught how to properly do a plank
    and I was SO happy to find that instruction in this video. Thank you! 

  12. Just what I needed! I play tennis and am very tight, so the combination of
    strengthening and stretching was perfect!
    Thank you!!!

  13. Pilates and Ballet Workout are probably the best if you want to workout and
    you can’t really go on a diet. 

  14. Glad I found this workout, I can use it when I cannot get to my classes at
    the Y. It is similar to my Pilates class which I love for conditioning. I
    am 72 and this will motivate me to keep going.

  15. If you’ve never done Pilates, or are coming back from a seven year break
    such as MY dumb ass took…. lol that was supposed to be a bad joke…
    namaste to all… but if coming back or just beginning… I suggest looking
    for Gaiam’s Pilates For Beginners with Ana Caban or going with Marni
    Wilson’s Beginning Pilates…. this is a GREAT workout for those with a
    little experience though… today is my first day back from that 7 year
    (un)stretch I mentioned earlier.. and I’m a little sad and a little happy
    to say that I managed to make it through 34 minutes…. XD lol. Aiming for
    the whole thing by the end of the week….
    Namaste all.

  16. OMG I just made it through my first full workout after 1 week. So massivley
    proud of my ass. Cancer smansher bite that one!

  17. i am getting over a major illness….and still suffering. i need to
    workout. my flexibility totally sucks. can i do this a few times a wee. at
    least 4 or 5?

  18. This felt like heaven after one week vacation with no exercise. I feel like
    a different person now, thanks to this genius video.
    Btw, the lead girl in the vid looks just like Audrey in Twin Peaks. 

  19. Could u plz to upload more video plzzzzzzzz i worked about 1,5 month n i
    have lose 6 kgs thx so much……plz update more :(

  20. Love it. Great workout, but relaxing at the same time. I actually sweat
    too…definitely doing this workout again!

  21. Perfect series…i Have seen results within one week , my body is more
    toned ………thumbs up

  22. Really good but i did find it quite difficicult lifting my back of the
    ground and some stuff like that.maybe thats because i havent done
    gymnastics for ages.☺

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