Superfood Lattes

Healthy choices aren’t only made in the gym — they’re also made in the kitchen. And while many people on a healthy and fitness journey may focus on the foods, they need to cut back on in order to achieve their goals, it’s also important to look at simple (and delicious) ways to add nutrition into their diet so they can continue to function at their full capacity.

One way to do that is with superfood lattes. These brightly colored beverages are found in coffee shops and restaurants all over — and are only becoming more popular. Made with milk (any kind will do, from dairy to oat), a superfood, and often a sweetener, superfood lattes sometimes incorporate coffee or espresso, too, for a caffeine boost. Some, like turmeric lattes, include other spices such as ginger, while maca is often made with cardamom or cinnamon. Whatever you add to them, though, you’re reaping healthy benefits like reduced inflammation, improved memory, and more. Learn more about how different superfood lattes can impact your health in the following graphic.

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