10 Minute at Home Fat Burning Circuit

The #1 Way to Max Your Muscle Gains:

What up Everybody,

It’s Mike with Sixpack Shortcuts and today I want to talk to you about circuit training. Have you ever had a weekend where you eat way too much food and you start the week thinking “Man, I really gotta burn all that off…”? Haha, I just had a weekend like that so if you’re like me and have the occasional cheat, I’ve got the workout for you! So, write this down or follow along with me today because it’s workouts like this one today that will keep one track and help you to get the body of your dreams even when life gets in the way and you find yourself cheating on your diet.

Workout Breakdown:
5 Exercises / 30 Seconds Each / 3 Rounds / Rest 30 – 60 Seconds (minimal)

#1) Burpees
#2) Alternating Front Kicks
#3) Alternating Crescent Lunge
#4) Push Ups
#5) Mountain Climbers

You ready for this? Watch the first round to make sure that you have the correct form down, then start the video over and do the whole thing with me! There’s no equipment needed for this one, so there’s no excuses… you can do this at home first thing in the morning for optimal fat burning.

Let’s Go:

Video Breakdown:
Round 1 –
3:51 #1) Burpees
4:21 #2) Alt front Kicks
4:51 #3) Alt Crescent Lunges
5:21 #4) Push Ups
5:51 #5) Mountain Climbers
6:21 REST

You think you got it? If you did Round 1 with me, let’s keep going, if you just watched that first part then start over and do this with me! You’ll thank yourself – I promise!

6:51 Round 2
9:51 Round 3

Great job out there guys, this was a tough one! Remember, this one needed no equipment and will only take you a max of 10 minutes to do! No Excuses! This is BEST way to burn off those extra calories, especially now during the holiday season – Start the day off right!

If you want more workouts like this one, diet and nutrition tips and tricks on how to get the body of your dreams, come back and see us again or click on any of the links you see here. Don’t forget to leave your comments below to me know how you did on this workout or if you hated it (haha) and as always keep sending in those progress pics!

Peace Out!


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Mike Chang

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50 thoughts on “10 Minute at Home Fat Burning Circuit

  1. I’ve been doing this work out twice a day for the past 5 days and I’ve been
    losing a pound every day. I’ve also been maintaining a healthy diet and
    eating medium-sized portions. I haven’t been eating any junk food and I’ve
    been drinking nothing other than water. Am I doing good?

  2. ok so this is a good work out but does this burn your belly fat or i would
    have to do a seperate workout to lose my belly fat?

  3. Everyone join me in running this workout routine! its so solid because it
    works out every muscles. i’ll be running this at a caloric deficit for the
    next 8-9 months so i can burn fat and build muscles, WHOSE WITH ME??!!?

  4. I find that 5×30″ for me is hardly enough to get your heart rate going.
    tried 5×1′, works definetely better

  5. Ok you have a good body but seriously you are soooooooooooooooo
    uglyyyyyy,in this world not even a girl will be with you because of your
    face just saying specially your hair ewwwww 

  6. I appreciate that they put up these little workouts for free online instead
    of nickel and dimeing people.

  7. How many calories does this burn if I do 5 sets and how many calories does
    it burn in after burn?

  8. This HIIT workout is our last video from our old studio! Kind of sad, but
    mostly exciting. Sneak peek of the new space coming later this week.

  9. Dear lord I had 3 water breaks by the time she announced a water break 😮
    I was dead after that :s

  10. Wow!!!! I did this in a pair of leggings that I’d ordered too small so it
    actually felt like my little belly rolls were being shredded and compressed
    during this workout! Yuck! Even more determined now with a new target on my
    fitness journey…get these leggings to feel looser. Thanks, Fitness
    Blender :)

  11. ALSO I have a question. I’m considering your 8 week fat loss program but is
    it adapted to vegans? And is it realistic for me to expect to lose 15
    pounds doing this program considering I have very little fitness

  12. I’m trying to lose weight and this workout had me out of breath and
    sweating like crazy. However, by the time I’m done, I just feel so much
    more confident about my body and closer to my goal so thank you for this
    wonderful video

  13. i have lost almost 30 pounds in like 4 months doing these workouts daily (i
    have rest days ofc) and i can def see a different in the loss, my eating
    habits have improved which helps too, but this proves their workouts truly
    work awesome! thank you fitness blender for being so motivating

  14. Dang this was brutal as I was wearing NEW trainers that I bought today, and
    worked behind bar for 6 days running!!! O_O but with a 5min extra break I
    completed this xD sweating like a pig now!!!

  15. Amazing workout, as per usual, but does anyone else get mega tired for the
    rest of the day – or even the next day? When I’m actually doing the
    workout I feel like I’m pushing myself – sweating like a fool – but I don’t
    feel like I’m overdoing it and hurting myself. This fatigue afterward
    though… Is it just me?

  16. i’m so enjoying all the various FB videos, however, this is one of my
    favorite go-to routines. sometimes, I take it easy, if I’ve been super
    active or am tired, but today, I had some surplus energy, but not surplus
    time. So I skipped the 10 second break between the first 2 20 second sets
    of the 3 set rounds. talk about a boost! extra sweat/same time..and my
    thighs were on fire. loved it! HIGHLY recommend it every once in a while
    to crank up the heat. 

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