At Home Cardio Workout with No Equipment – Fat Burning Cardio Intervals

At Home Cardio Workout with No Equipment - Fat Burning Cardio Intervals

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25 thoughts on “At Home Cardio Workout with No Equipment – Fat Burning Cardio Intervals

  1. Fun fat blasting cardio interval workout that you can do in your own living
    room. This is a mid range difficulty routine (maybe a 3.5/5 on the
    difficulty scale, what do you guys think?) that’s great before or after a
    strength routine for the upper or lower body. It’s also good paired with a
    long stretching or yoga routine or as a standalone fat burning cardio
    workout. Low impact modifications shown throughout. 

  2. This is awesome! I have been inactive for a week now. Time for me to get
    back to my workout schedule. This would be a great startup!

  3. Doing this workout tomorrow morning. I love all your video. I’ve lost over
    40lbs(25lbs to go before i hit my goal weight)with the help of these

  4. Just finished this, enjoyed it. It’s not too difficult but still had me
    drenched in sweat by the end.

  5. Really nice cardio routine, thanx for another great video 🙂 Please
    consider making more kickboxing cardio routines, I do think they are great
    and super fun!! ^_^

  6. Hello I recently came across your videos I started working out like maybe a
    month ago but I started working out to your videos like two weeks already
    but since I have never exercise and my 40 years of my life but now that I
    am getting older stiffer and I have 5 kids to raise I find myself in the
    need of straightening my body to keep up with them ever since I dislocated
    my right clavicle I find myself in a lot of pain from my shoulder to my
    neck I have tried chiropractors massages it has helped a little bit but now
    that I have been exercising I see that my body feels less stressed and
    stiff all I want is just to straighten my body and not to feel so stiff my
    joints are very stiff I have carpal tunnel in tendonitis on my elbows from
    repetitive motion due to my work now that I have been exercising I see less
    stiffness in my elbows in my hands… I Just one to thank you for all the
    work that you guys put in in these videos. From a very appreciative viewer.

  7. Could you do more videos on workouts you can do around the house? Using
    stairs, groceries as weights etc and maybe even some to do whilst sitting
    down please? :)

  8. Great workout!! I lost over 30 lbs a few years back with the help of your
    videos, but unfortunately I didn’t keep it up and gain it back. So here we
    go again. And this time, I WILL keep it off!!! Thank you for help us all!

  9. Hi people I have something to tell you,I do a lot of abs exercises at gym
    and sometimea at home but I have a problem My stomach is bloated.I drink a
    lot of water,I eat slowely,I drink water before my meal but my stomach
    still keeps being bloated.When I hold my breathe I can see the results of
    my exercises but when I stay and breathe normaly I see my bloated stomach
    again.Please someone tell me what to do because I dont know what to do
    anymore,can someone reply my comment please?

  10. When are the best times to workout? The morning isn’t an option for me
    because I start work at 6 so evening is more realistic, but before or after
    food? How long before bed?

  11. Can you help me? I’m pregnant(first trim.)I did Hiit and other hardcore
    trainings before and lifting weights in gym.but now I’m scare to do that
    type of trainings.for 1,5 weeks i did nothing 🙁 but i want to. I don’t
    wanna gain weight!which trainings are the best for me?

  12. YEAH YEAH YEAH !!!!!!!!!!!!! i finished the cardio workout im sooo happy
    didint relaxed nothing of that im happy and i give allll the thank too
    fitness blender.thankyou fitness blender i wouldnt do nothing without you

  13. I’m 5’3, 17 years young and currently weigh 140 lb with a goal of 125 lb
    and fit/toned! I started at 156.6 in January but dedicated myself to a
    guide, it’s workouts and clean eating, and lost 16 lbs! I’ve been at a
    plateau ever since and still continue to eat healthy and exercise 2-3 times
    a week at golds gym (30 min elliptical followed by an hour at the machines
    or an hour at a body combat class)! I so totally would buy your workout
    videos, I would, and I definitely plan to in the future, but I financially
    am unable to with final high school and beginning college expenses! What
    video/videos or workout plan do you suggest to do to lose weight?! Prom is
    May 1 and I really feel uncomfortable at 140! Please help me out, I promise
    to be dedicated! Sincerely, seventeen and not wanting to feel stout

  14. Awesome. After two weeks of your low impact videos(and being extremely out
    of shape) I went from 41-30.5-39 to 38-30-38, and I can do the high impact
    work outs. 🙂 Tysm! I love this workout.

  15. This was just wanted I need to sweat out some fat! Lol thank you guys for
    such great workouts! 

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