Why Maintaining a Fitness Plan is So Hard

It’s not just you—maintaining a fitness plan is hard for almost everybody. Those who succeed aren’t more talented or more determined than you are. The main difference is that they have learned strategies to persevere through the tough spots. When you understand why you’re getting derailed from your workouts, you can tackle the issues head-on.

Progress is Slow

No one expects instant results, but if you haven’t made progress toward your goals in a few weeks, you may become understandably discouraged. It’s frustrating to put in all those hours at the gym and still see no noticeable difference. Don’t worry; hitting a plateau is normal, and you can break through it.

First, take a close look at your diet. You may be overestimating your calories or shorting your body on the nutrients you need to build muscle. Then, change up your workout routine. Your body may respond positively to a new exercise or activity.

Making Time for Exercise

Sometimes the demands of work and home life can leave you little time for your fitness routine. But ask yourself whether you truly don’t have time to work out, or whether you are using your busy life as a handy excuse. It’s human nature to avoid hard work, but you can overcome the problem.

Make your fitness time a commitment by scheduling it on your calendar. Setting specific times for exercise helps you feel mentally better. You’ll organize your day more efficiently. Your workout will be a priority, not an afterthought.

It’s Not Always Fun

If your fitness plan isn’t as much fun as other activities you might be doing, then it’s time to shake up your routine. You’re not going to see much benefit if you’re bored with the same exercises every day. Put some fun into your workout.

Exercising with a friend can be enjoyable, and it’s a great way to stay motivated. You can give each other encouragement and positive feedback. Walking, running, or bicycling with a friend makes it a social activity rather than a chore. A fitness class at the gym can also be a welcome change.


Keeping up your fitness routine won’t always be easy. You’ll get sidetracked by your hectic schedule, and you’ll probably get discouraged now and then. However, with some planning and imagination, you can maintain your workout schedule that you can look forward to.

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