Lifestyle Habits You Need to Watch When Starting a Fitness Plan

Beginning a fitness plan can be intimidating. You’re trying to make serious changes in your life to see serious results. A lot of people become discouraged and give up after a week or so. Don’t give in! Keeping an eye on your other lifestyle habits can help you see results faster.

What You Eat

There’s just no way around it: diet and exercise are inextricably linked. If you want to change how your body looks, you’re going to need to improve what you eat right along with your exercise habits. If you want to feel better, more energized, and more clear-headed, you’re also going to want to change what you eat. 

Cut out as much junk food and fast food as you can (although if you need to, you can ease into it). Focus on healthy, nutrient-packed carbs and proteins. Whole wheat bread, meats, and beans are good for this. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also essential.

What You Drink

When most people think about a diet, most of the focus is on what you eat. It’s easy to forget that what you drink is just as important. Avoid soda at all costs–it offers nothing but a disadvantage when it comes to your physical and oral health. Energy drinks are also probably not a great idea. 

Alcohol is bad for you for a variety of reasons, but it’s especially detrimental when you’re trying to exercise. Water should be your focus. Water keeps you hydrated and strengthens your teeth. You should be drinking at least twelve glasses of water a day.

Your Entertainment 

There’s nothing wrong with relaxing in front of the television for a bit after a hard workout. You need to be careful, though, when it comes to time management and potential distraction. On the days when you inevitably don’t have the motivation to exercise, your phone, television, or computer will be a great distraction to lose yourself in until it is too late. You might tell yourself that you’ll do it tomorrow–but it’s a trap you shouldn’t listen to. If you don’t do it today, why would you do it tomorrow? Ensure that your time-wasting entertainment is kept at bay.


Transformative lifestyles require a transformative kind of schedule. It also is easy to bite off more than you can chew–if you decide to radically change every aspect of your life, you will become frustrated quickly. Do what you know you can accomplish as consistently as possible.


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