45 Min HIIT Cardio and Abs Workout – Insane At Home Fat Burner – Interval Cardio Training and Core

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25 thoughts on “45 Min HIIT Cardio and Abs Workout – Insane At Home Fat Burner – Interval Cardio Training and Core

  1. i have sweat foot prints all over the room,the thigh slaps had my eye lids
    sweating. o. o

  2. Yesterday I hit this 45 min cardio + abs.. and Believe me..I was sweated in
    pleasure..Let take a look..and enjoy it!

  3. This is called Insane for a reason! 🙂 This another ‘second try’ workout
    for me and I can definitely feel the progress even though I’m still sweaty.
    I loved it when Daniel mentioned the look on Kelli’s face when round 4 of
    burpee to thigh slap came up! That look was definitely on my face too. :)

  4. I think I nearly cried within the last 2 exercises. 😀 & am I the only one
    who sweats more during the cooldown than the workout itself?

  5. hie…m weigh 54kg and i am 23yrs…i have big arms thighs and butt. What
    excercise should i perform to lose weight and get skinny. And what is the
    correct time to perform these excercise

  6. Great vIdeo for us begInners! I’ve had baked appIes every faII for as Iong
    as I remember. It’s one food that tastes as good from beIng zapped In the
    mIcrowave as weII as baked In the oven.

  7. I’ve been doing this for about two weeks now. Every other day. 3 times a
    week and I can already feel myself getting stronger and able to do some if
    the moves much cleaner. Thank you!

  8. I did this few hours later I was sore and the next day? My whole body is
    sore lol! It was sk darn worth it! I’ve been looking for other exercises I
    can do at home. I’m wondering if I can do this twice a week? Since I run
    almost everyday. 

  9. I like that you include warm up, cool down and stretching however, it
    would be great to make the 45 min vids into an hour so that part doesn’t
    cut into the actual workout. This way 15 min is dedicated to warm up on the
    beginning, cool down in the end and you still get a solid 45 (or 55)

  10. I’m big on core training, so this HIIT did great wonder, even better it was
    a female trainer, and I also added new exercise moves to my routine, I can
    also show them off at the gym, Broad Jumps never done before until now,
    also my muscles were sore and tight before that, but after, felt like a
    brand new men. FitnessBlender you rocked.

  11. I’m going to start using these videos in my regular workout routine and was
    just wondering if people saw a lot of results from these cardio workouts? I
    used to go to cardio classes at the gym and this is pretty much the same
    thing. Just wondering! 

  12. Good Lord!! I am sweating sooooo much. I can feel it all over my body. An
    my nose is all runny and sweaty. I love this exercise but I hate it! Thanks
    you for posting this bit wa a challenge I tell you

  13. Just great workout guys! Doing fitnessblender for two month already and
    feel perfect! You are so natural and positive,not like the rest of workouts
    where you can see almost naked women and it s just not nice ..Keep doing
    what you do,on the way you do :-)

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